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Victor Perez

Hi @danielle-brennan,

Very cool find! I had a feeling it was crocodylian, but I wasn’t certain what kind. So I shared your post with a couple colleagues and here is what they had to say.


Dana Ehret (Curator at the Alabama Museum of Natural History)

“That’s what it is… Alex would def have more input than I… The Alabama Museum sure would like something that nice ;)”


Alex Hastings (Curator at the Virginia Museum of Natural History that specializes in crocodylians):

“That is a gorgeous cervical vertebra of a nearly adult crocodylian (somewhere between position 3 & 6). Neurocentral suture closure has begun, which for a neck vertebra means growth had almost reached its peak. It’s procoelus, so that does narrow it down a little bit. If I had to pick one thing, I’d guess Eosuchus, but it’s not a lot to go on. As Dana says, fossils like that are pretty rare for Alabama, at least reported ones. Hope this helps!