Reply To: photo tutorial


actually it was Eleanor who was in charge of that. We are closely working together to make the website more functional and user friendly. I was just forwarding your wishes 😉

Concerning the extra macro cell phone lenses I would suggest that the quality of a 500$ Pro lens is way better but we have to think about that not everybody is able to spend that much money just for a lens. We invite everybody to be part of this community and as long as we can help to make the quality of images better even with not so expensive tools (40-70$ is still a lot of money, it depends on your pocket) we would like to do it. But you are right it might be very interesting to find out how good these accessories are compared with the pro stuff, maybe it will be a big surprise and we all can safe a lot of money 😉

so stay tuned for upcoming output

btw: I have fixed the sound problem and will upload it soon … hopefully it will make it easier to follow my instructions …