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Geoff Ruonavarra

Please for in the name of all that is sacred.  All im getting from this group is doubt and disbelief.  I will post the amazing within. Also,  i swear i personally pulled this piece from roughly eight feet up a dirt wall, riddled with rocks and freshly uprooted trees with stretches of it prior and further down comprised of completely saturated clay  no less than 25 feet top to bottom. Which slowly seeped down into reservoir 30 metres from the lake. My children and I made water dishes for our pets at home for the clay was so clean and of perfect moulding consistency.  Why make that up? I ask a legitimate question. I get a a unsettling vibe every post i submit it met with scepticism at the very least probably think I’m even trolling. Has anyone bothered to take a crack at some of my other forum posts?! Surely even minor knowlede of the top 10 to 15 Cambrian creatures could recognize, that the animals depicted in many if not all are undoubtedly legitimate members. Check the micropaleontology forum. But i will now post some pics of the “man made” piece, complete with its breathtaking inhabitants and that is in fact not perfectly level, just oddly close.  Only the one end I posted to be exact. Sorry for the frustration. Im not sure if my edited inages, done to conform to file size limited are devauluing the quality to a point of unregignition. I have a meeting this wednesday at the local university with a geology  professor. He seemed legitimately exited to get a good look at them, while admittedly, was unwillingly to confirm species in particular based on simple fair quality photos, he undoubtedly agreed a closer look to id the cambrian like animals within.  Apologies for the rant,  I’m just a hobbiest, nobody rock hound, and without a phd whose going to really take the time, let alone go out of their way to help me out.  This is the first attempt I’ve made in the social media disease in just shy of a decade,  nothing like a friendly reminder i was right,  back to the stress free solitary sanity lifestyle I belong.  I do believe in what this group does in principle. Which is why I gave it a go. But, not a good fit.  Good luck with the group, keep the flow if knowledge available to those in need of it, even us amateurs when there’s time to venture all the way down the pesky pedestals. 2 attached pics of the man made slice. Hurumm.. hastily snapped to finish this.  By far the bottom tier of what this piece has to offer but maliciously angling didn’t suit my raging haste. If you view my pics in various post and see nothing…plz just ban me.

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