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Evan Walsh

Im sorry to hear you feel like you are being trolled. I am not trying to be mean. I am honestly giving my best identification. I mainly specialize in trilobites, shark teeth, and cretaceous dinosaur teeth, so I am not the best in the field. However i have done a bit of research on the Burgess Shale, where mainy of the animals you are claiming are in that isolated pebble, were first found. All of them were soft-bodied and would have decayed rapily in the 3D state which are the structures in the pebble. I do see some intresting structures, but nothing looks identifiably Cambrian to me, esspecially without any geological data for the pebble. If you find something like a Baculites or Dactylioceras ammonite in an unknown rock layer, it can be used as an index fossil, but the stuff in that pebble could be anything, including likley pseudofossils. It see some possible coral, diatom, or formanifera structures Again I have some advanced, but not all knowledge of basic cambrian animals, and I am honsetly not trying to troll you. I am trying to help you with ID