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Eleanor Gardner

Re-posting Case’s @case-miller response to Ronny:

I have indeed watched them, and they’re certainly helpful, but with all the different techniques required for different soils and fossil types I know no one would want to make or watch a video with every possible situation, so I thought a forum where individuals could search for mentions of things they’re working with would be helpful both from a creation standpoint, as it’s crowd-built and doesn’t require massive effort by any one party, and easier to find the exact information you want to get. The tutorials are an excellent starting place for someone diving in, I was thinking here would be a place for people who have started cleaning to come and see things that may work better than their techniques and hone their craft. It also can serve as a repository for information far too specific for an overview, e.g. someone has had years of experience cleaning fossil vertebrae and has found a tool to better see inside vertebral foramen; that’s far too specific to put in a tutorial, but still may be incredibly helpful to someone struggling with it.