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Hey Jack,
Thanks for your comments. The recommendations I gave were multifarious and not just related to Vertebrates. In our cleaning tutorial I mentioned that cleaning methods are depending on matrix, fossil material and how fragile or stable your fossil is. I also cleaned a bivalve and gastropod shell and recommended some DIY advice for making even finer instruments like tiny spatulas for very delicate structures and tiny objects. I also pointed to specific tutorials about fossil preparation where I will focus on fragile objects, different fossil material and matrix. These tutorials are not finished yet. At the moment I am just about to finish the photo tutorial, then the one about preparation comes next. I do all this on top of my scientific work, and as you may understand it takes time. The preparation tutorial will also cover the use of different chemicals (different acids, H2O2, etc.), the use of sandblasters, Dremel tools, ultra sound bath and many more. The problem is that not everybody has the possibilities of using a sandblaster or an ultra sound. We have to be focused on techniques that everybody can use. I truly appreciate your helpful comments and I think it is a good idea to present your preparation techniques within this forum as a special section. Please do so. You can also create your own little tutorials and upload them if you like. That would be great!!!

I look forward for more input from you. Thanks!

all the best