Reply To: Microscope for fossils


Hey Jack, good to hear from you and the news are amazing. I have already checked the website of the Cincinnati Museum and was so amazed about the quality of all the work that was done. Thanks for the heads up. My new museum is growing even if it is just present in Virtual Reality at the moment. Since the old house is still opened and functional there is no need for any rush. The political background had to be perfect to instal my ideas. Now everything is ready and prepared for getting serious. That means I will get the building I always wanted in the centre of the city (a cultural melting pot) with outstanding architecture and twice the size as originally anticipated. Yeah, that feels great! Now it will take a bit longer but the results will be much more prominent Рa once in a lifetime opportunity needs that well overthought developing process. Whenever to come jumping over to Germany just make sure to join me here in Leipzig.

All the best