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    • It seems like it could be extracted from its matrix rather easily but i’m still hesitant to do so as I’ve never done a complete extraction before.

    • That could be a Bellerophont due to the planispiral coiling of the shell and prominent selenizone (that middle line curling around the shell). The Minnesota at a Glance Fossil Collecting lists 2 Bellerophonts: Phragmolites fimbriata (Ulrich and Schofield, 1897) and Sinuites pervoluta (Ulrich and Schofield, 1897), but there are other species of Bellerophonts in that formation. You can experiment with prepping on another incomplete or common fossil from that area using dental picks, pin vises, or a dremel. I think the formation is Platteville limestone so you can even try using a weak vinegar solution, but that could damage or completely dissolve your fossil away.

    • @patrick-hsieh very informative, thank you very much. I do have several other lesser specimens from that trip so i will try a few techniques on those.