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    Vertèbre!! Found another one. Super long and I will have to go back to keep digging later. This is all I could find in a short amount of time. What’s the trick to not breaking into pieces? #fossil

    • I think this is a partial snail fossil rather than vertebrae. If you could provide more photos with a scale bar, we can probably narrow down what type of snail.

    • To stabilize fragile shell specimens, I like to consolidate them with repeated applications of 5% Paraloid/Acryloid B72 solution prior to extraction. I also try to extract them with a healthy amount of surrounding matrix to ensure stability and that any obscured pieces of the specimen remain. The matrix can then be removed later on at home or in the lab using other prep tools. This is not a simple process and is dependent on a large number of factors, including the nature of the specimen and the matrix.