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    Ginger Merker has contributed a new specimen to myFOSSIL!

    • I’d say it’s a nautiloid cephalopod.

    • Though I’m no professional.

    • @ginger-merker this specimen is on the site twice, is there one where you would want to fill in the classification and other information? You can easily edit your specimens on the website and I could put one just in the groups you posted them in and the other can have all the information. Let me know if you need help with any of that. – Jen

    • I am having a few problems with the web site, I’ll try to remove one, thanks for the heads up and help.

    • It’s an endocerid nautiloid, and the clue is what looks like a large tube (called a siphuncle) inside the larger shell. The upper half of your fossil is the siphuncle, and a little bit of the siphuncle projects at the bottom. The entire shell would have been much, much longer, and it would have been occupied by a squid-like animal.

    • Thank you so much Steven