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    • horse tooth…

    • of course, of course

    • Hi @gwen-kilian, is there any chance there might be Pleistocene in the area? It’s not impossible this Equus tooth came from the Yorktown but it would certainly make more sense if it was Pleistocene.

    • I definitely think it’s a valid question, but I can only give you a speculative answer.

    • The Neuse River is considerable in strata and further up-river, you can find the Castle Hayne and Trent Formations.

    • They have been documented with Pleistocene marls and extensive shells, bivalves, etc. but I haven’t been able to locate much research on mammals in the area. Personally, I have quite a collection of Proboscidea fragments, horse, beaver, tapir, deer, and peccary from the same location as this horse.

    • The location in question is between two dredged creeks and these clays are well documented as YT and PgR. This documentation doesn’t account for movement and Lawd only knows what has flowed down the river from wherever. (I’ve found lots of interesting things on its shore.)

    • Same with this one @gwen-kilian! Missed these comments. I think the safest thing we can do here is put a ? after Yorktown and in the notes indicate it’s possible it had originated from an unnamed Pleistocene unit. Thanks!

    • Thank you, @smoran. Changes made.