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    Ian Kinney has contributed a new specimen to myFOSSIL!

    • Would love someone to enlighten me all about what I got. I believe it’s a crinoid fossil make of Limestone.

    • @ian-kinney how hard is that rock? I used to find chert nodules like this with weathered out crinoid bits

    • @jbauer, it’s not fragile feeling at all, it’s hard and dense. I’m guessing it weighs about a 1 1/2 pounds. It’s an irregular shape and it’s length measures at 5″, width at 3″ and height at 1.25″.

    • @ian-Kinney – at first glance, it’s very similar to weathered chert I’ve found. This is a form of silica/quartz if you are unfamiliar. Can have many different colors. I say this because if it was limestone I would expect the rock to have weathered away with the fossils – since they are the same material calcium carbonate.

    • what do you believe I would see if I cut the fossil in half?

    • @jbauer thank you for clarifying that for me and that makes sense taking into consideration that the area that I was digging is rich in quartz rock/crystal