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    Matthew Gramling has contributed specimen mFeM 60800 to myFOSSIL!

    • Cool specimen, @Matthew-Gramling. @Cameron-Muskelly might be able to help you narrow down the taxonomy of this specimen even further. It would also be really helpful if you added images of the top side!

    • If it was found in GA. It mignt be Ordovician. There is more of that then Devonian rocks in GA.

    • @Samantha-Ocon and @Cameron-Muskelly. Thank you for the help. I will be sure to post more images of it asap. I’ll also give my justification for an Ordovician date.

    • My reasons for assigning the geochronology and lithostratigraphy of the fossils as Ordovician and Chickamauga Group is because they match the biostratigraphic samples for Middle to Upper Ordovician strata as described in Allen and Lester’s Contributions to the Paleontology of Northwest Georgia and the descriptions of Chickamauga Limestone in Allen and Lester’s Zonation of the Middle and Upper Ordovician Strata in Northwest Georgia. The matrix is a blue flaggy fossiliferous limestone in the form of large stones and boulders. The fossils are usually found on the surface and undersides of these boulders. They usually consist of various brachiopods, rugose corals, tabulate corals, and fenestrate bryozoans. The trilobites I posted were also discovered with them as well.

    • I will post some photos of the fossils in situ to aid in analysis.