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    Please say:
    •Where i can get fossils;
    •How i can mine more greatealy;
    •How to tell diference of a fossil and a rock.

    • Not everywhere in the world has fossils. Some places have books that will list where to look for rocks and fossils, but you need to know the laws where you are and if you can collect anything. There is no easy trick to making fossils appear, you have to go to areas they might be found and spend a lot of time looking at the ground. Rock vs fossil can be really hard to give in general terms. Easily identifiable fossils like leaf prints and shells have the clear shapes. Other things like wood and bone can be harder depending on the way they fossilized and the surrounding rocks, but generally they look different from all the other rocks. If you go somewhere and “all the rocks look like this” it’s pretty sure they aren’t fossils.

    • thanks