• Dr. Ronny Maik Leder posted an update 2 years, 7 months ago

    2 years, 7 months ago
    2 years, 7 months ago

    @egardner, @kcrippen, @vperez, @llundgren … hey guys how is it? How is the team doing? Hope everything is fine and everybody is busy in a positive way 😉

    cheers from Leipzig


    • Hey Ronny! Just returned from the Aurora Fossil Festival! I visited @george-powell‘s collection. It was incredible.

      How are things in Leipzig?

    • Hi Ronny! Good to hear from you-I’m working through the mental models paper, it’s nearly ready for everyone’s feedback, which is exciting. How’s everything at the museum in Leipzig?

      • Hi, Ronny! Things are going well here – staying busy! The project has some cool events coming up, like the Fossils for Teachers workshop in August. I’m also trying to convince people to submit abstracts for a citizen science in paleontology themed session at national GSA in Seattle. Speaking of GSA, I keep getting calls from them trying to reach you… 😉 We miss you at FLMNH!

        • wow El … sweet words … I actually miss our deep conversations too … with this day on I have now passed my first 6 months which means that I will be the Director General for a lifetime since the period of probation is over now. Hooray!!! The concept for the new museum is finished and the feedback from the parliament was awesome … they said even if it will be much more expensive than anticipated we will have to find the extra money for it … everybody wants to see in reality what I had in in my mind as a vision. Tomorrow I can send you some first impressions and visualizations … stay tuned 😉

          • Hooray! And congratulations, @rleder! I am very happy to hear that your ideas and leadership style have been a success for the museum thus far. I really like the preview you sent – wowww!

      • and Lisa, wait for tomorrow and I will send you some impressions … see my reply for El