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    Sean Brooks has contributed a new specimen to myFOSSIL!

    • looks like coral. horn coral

    • Thanks for your reply, Jeff! I also sent the photos to my uncle, who was a geology major in college. His reply: “That looks ancient weathered coral. It was much warmer water 65 million years ago. Cool. Hard to tell, though.”

    • It kind of looks like a sea urchin too, with the heart shape. Does it have a hole in the upper other side?

    • Thanks for your reply, Lisa. I’ve added a third photo of the area I think you’re referencing. There are 4 distinct, small holes along this edge plus 1 or 2 more that appear to have filled in with crystals (please excuse the layman’s terms). I’m curious for any additional thoughts on this now that you’ve proposed an alternate ID.

    • if there was a certain marking it would be sea urchin mouth.