2019 Imaging and Digitization for Amateurs Workshop

Calling all fossil enthusiasts!

The FOSSIL Project and iDigBio are sponsoring a three-day workshop focusing on imaging and digitization for amateur paleontologists on July 18-20, 2019 (July 17 and 21 will be travel days).

Check out our video here!

The goals for the Imaging and Digitization for Amateurs Workshop are:

  • Educate participants on camera operation and best practices for image capture and image file curation on a small budget.
  • Educate and increase participants’ knowledge of the importance of digitization including specimen vouchering and sharing of data.
  • Create hands-on imaging tutorials with participants to share with the myFOSSIL community and their own fossil clubs.
  • Educating participants with image upload features of the myFOSSIL e-museum, uploading a minimum of 10 specimens to the myFOSSIL e-museum while at the workshop.
  • Inspire participants to return to their home organizations or groups and run their own imaging and digitization workshop with their members to continue spreading the knowledge gained at this workshop.
  • See an increase of 100 specimens uploaded to the myFOSSIL e-museum by end of the year, 2019.



Participants will be selected based on information provided in the following application, which must be submitted by the 30th of April in order to be considered. Preference will be given to members of the myFOSSIL community, including members of the myFOSSIL website, app, and social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube). All travel, lodging, and meals will be provided.

Decisions will be communicated no later than the 10th of May in order for you to plan, and for us to arrange travel paperwork. If you have questions, you are welcome to examine our FAQs Page by clicking here or contact Jeanette Pirlo ([email protected]) directly. We are very excited to share this opportunity with you!

Please click here to apply for this workshop!


Imaging and Digitization for Amateurs Workshop