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Eleanor Gardner

A timely and interesting article entitled “Greater equality in science will take more than Ada Lovelace Day” was published yesterday on

(Unfortunately, the site requires you to sign up for their online article delivery service in order to read it… 🙁 )

The general gist of the article is that, to get and retain women in STEM, there has to be more than figurehead examples — more than just seeing a female scientist at events and such.  According to the article, a study conducted by faculty at Florida International University found that “having a woman physics teacher, reading about women in physics, and having a female guest speaker had no effect on [high school girls’] intention to enter the field.”  (I found that quite surprising, frankly!)  The study suggested “one intervention that did help encourage high-school girls to pursue science [is] getting them to discuss the real reasons why there aren’t as many of them in the first place.”  The article ends by stating: “role models alone cannot fix the problem.”

What do you think about these sentiments and findings, @michelle-barboza, @jbauer, @tmorgan, @taorminalepore, @llundgren, @jessie-matheny, @joyce-drakeford, @catalina-pimiento ?