Reply To: photo tutorial

Suzanne Galligher

Ronny @rleder,

I’m very glad to see this as a Forum now – thank you!  Jack @jkallmeyer makes some very good points.  At some point in the future, I would like to take a photography course to produce those high quality images that a museum would want.  I think this is the direction to head over time.  For most club members, they are going to use what they already have on hand which is the camera on their phone.  Perhaps starting here will get the most number of members to try it out.  How can we get the best photos possible using what we carry around with us every day?  Once this has been mastered, then introduce them to the next level up and so on.   For me personally, if it starts out too complex (or too long), then I’m not going to read it.  As a busy mom of 3 kids with all their extracurriculars and all the volunteering I do to support those activities, there’s just no time…