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Bruce MacFadden

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The field trip was a great success. We had about 15-20 people of all ages. Panama alums included Chris Carlson, Laura Beach (and her mom!), Gail Alaimo, and Gary and Katy Bloom. I will upload other photos as they come in, but here is a good one of me and Erin’s husband Mel. Their daughter found a whale vertebrae. Lots of fossils in the rocks, although they were not easy to extract.

I’d still like to develop a lesson for 3rd & 4th graders following up on a similar fossil ID kit that we have tested in FL and CA. I need to figure out how we can develop 6 identical kits of fossils, containing clams (bivalves), gastropods, whale bones, and rare forms like echinoderms and sharks teeth. It is unrealistic to think we can extract these fossils from the fallen blocks easily, so I’m hoping to put together these kits from existing resources. The common and rare fossils from Capitola are nicely described in the Perry 1993 report.

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