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Gail Tennant

Thank you Jack for the links.  I don’t think I had found that website prior as I really didn’t know it was as extensive as it is.  My read on this specimen is that — yes, I thought digit/toe maybe… especially when I turned it over.   It is very heavy for its size.  It was found almost dead center SD in NE Sully County.  I picked up some smaller black rocks also that upon further sharing with a few friends who rockhound — they suspicion that they are bone.  But that’s a different find.  Thank you for the suggestion to not mess with the matrix — I have been torn by that idea.  SD School of Mines is about a 3 hour drive one way for me but I may need to make a trip there this winter.

I also picked up the fossil I posted on my account on this same field which SD School of Mines tentatively ID’d per email pictures and I related on my account posting.  I would love any feedback on that fossil also as no one with expertise has had a hands-on look at them yet.