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Geoff Ruonavarra

Getting scoped pics to show up as they do under just observing is proving a bit difficult. But surely, it is evident that some of the animals within here are almost if not completely preserved?  Every color,  and detail still visible. It looks like  the most frightening environment imaginable, with many of the animals in the middle of trying to consume one another,  one has a victim tangled in its creey elongagted tongue, while itself is in the clutches of a larger more capable beast.  Its really an amazing piece. Funny I  only came to acquire it as I mistook it for a copper replacement agate. Would be awesome if I could get any kind of info on the commonality of such fossils,  any preservation tips,  and lastly a reliable 3d digitalzation service for such an item, any and all of which would be greatly appreciated.

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