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Jon Cartier

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I am a huge fan of preparation and have been learning steadily for several years. I want to encourage people to continue to share tools and techniques for those of us that are amateurs. However, some amateurs are more advanced than you think. For example, fossil prep is my hobby, but I have a nice dissection microscope with 5MP camera that is the BEST tool I own for prep. Large or small, everything I prep goes under the microscope. Is it wrong to love high-end optics?  I also have a dual tank Comco air abrasion unit and 3 PaleoTools airscribes (Paleo ARO, ME-9100 & MicroJack 3). I have an 80 gallon compressor with an Ingersoll Rand Thermosorb Air Dryer and high-end desiccant dryers. I also have the big Comco vacuum system that connects with the large work cabinet. I use Butvar and the gamut of Paleo Bond adhesives and I am experimenting with diluted vinegar, but I want to learn more. Not having a knowledge source readily available, I am hoping the experts do not hold back by assuming amateurs only have rudimentary tools. Prepping is a passion and I am fully invested.


Jon Cartier