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    Jeanette Pirlo

    This week, Dr. Bruce MacFadden and Adam Wade (Santa Cruz County Office of Education) put on a workshop for 20 K-12 teachers from Santa Cruz County, California.  We provided over 600 fossils for them to create kits to take back to their classrooms, while helping them create lessons based on the fossils.  They also had the opportunity to screen sediments for microfossils and create lesson plans based on these new skills.  Adam Wade, Jill Madden, Sean Moran and Dr. MacFadden gave various talks on how to incorporate fossils into their classrooms using diverse teaching models.  Below is the website link to all of the resources presented during the workshop:

    We hope that the resources and skills learned during the workshop will help inspire young minds to continue pursuing information in STEM opportunities!

    has joined in on the conversation, expression her enthusiasm and everything she’s learned these past few days!




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