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    Hello everyone,

    I am Alicia and I work for the Florida Department of Education in Tallahassee, Florida as the elementary science specialist.  I previously taught Science/Math/STEM in Palm Beach County for over 16 years at the 5th grade level.

    I first fell in love with rocks, minerals and fossils when I was child.  I always loved being outside and digging in the dirt or playing in/near the creeks or rivers just to see what rocks or fossils I could find.  When Dr. Petuch from Florida Atlantic University provided professional development for Palm Beach teachers way back, many years ago, my passion was rekindled.  Being at a digsite in central Florida and learning about the ancient life forms of our state really helped my understanding and teaching.  I was able to pass that excitement on to the students.

    Two years ago, I attended the summer cPet teacher training in Gainesville and was again introduced to amazing fossils and science content through the paleontology professors and grad students at UF.  The training was so amazing that I gladly agreed to join the Montbrook dig last April, and also the teacher training held at UF last summer where we collaborated and learned from professional and amateur paleontologists.  Teachers wrote fabulous lesson plans with content support from the paleontologists.

    This GABI RET opportunity to learn about the migration and what adaptations survived through time and what didn’t is very  interesting.  I can think of many standards for elementary students that are going to fit very well with the learning I receive from this dig.  I really want to focus on math standards and relating them to the geologic time scale and evolution and adaptations in science.  I would like to add an Art/tech aspect to at least one of the lessons.  Once written I will be able to share with teachers and districts through professional development.  I am so excited for this opportunity!

    • Thanks for joining us Alicia! Your previous experience will fit in nicely with this experience! I am quite interested in your lesson ideas and I know that @bmacfadden is also very interested in incorporating more mathematical aspects into lessons created! I look forward to seeing what you develop and how you’ll continue to share this experience with other teachers in Florida through PDs!

      • Thank you Jeanette,
        I am looking forward to creating more lessons to share from all of the exciting experiences involved in paleontology! Young people get into fossils. Sharing real life scientific findings makes it so easy to motivate them!