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    • Those are heliophyllum, a type of horn coral common in that area. Throughout their life, they would grow to be tall and upright, you found some at the end of their growth and development. Thanks for posting the screenshot of the age and location, it helped to identify.

    • Thank you @a-trilobite. I plan to screenshot the location info from the “ROCKD” app going forward to help the community and me remember where I am finding these specimens. I still ha en figured out the best source of info on fossil speciation but I can leave that to experts like you !

    • All I did was look up “Devonian Ohio river coral” and found an article on the fossils of the area. If you know the age and location of your fossil, it should be easy to find info on it. If you don’t know those things, MyFossil is fine for figuring it out

    • Perfect