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    Elizabeth Henson has contributed specimen mFeM 71267 to myFOSSIL!

    • Greetings @elizabeth-henson! This is a marvelous petrified wood specimen! This one reminds me of the many similar specimens I have found in gravel deposits near Glendive, Montana. For more information, @mackenzie-smith would be able to provide an id!

    • Hi @elizabeth-henson and @imagallanes. Yes, this is petrified wood and it is known from MS though I’ve only heard about if from the northern part of the state. Wood is hard to ID in a practical sense because you need cellular preservation and a section that you can put under a microscope. It doesn’t look like there is cellular detail so I’m afraid I can only say it’s wood. Even if there was cellular detail getting a section is a rather laborious process.

    • @mackenzie-smith and @imagallanes thank you so much! Interestingly enough, we have found two such pieces of petrified wood on our land. One piece is 12×3.255×4 inches and has a very texture with a lot of cellular detail. It also feels like porcelain. I plan to post this item as well. I also have another specimen that we think is wood. All here in south Mississippi!

    • Thank you @mackenzie-smith for your insightful comment! Although he is probably interested in this discussion, @imagallanes must be wondering how he got pulled into the conversation! 🙂 Nonetheless, I for one always find it interesting to learn more about petrified wood. Thank you again to you both for sharing!
      -Isaac Pope