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    I found this over a year ago and I’m almost convinced it’s human or something that could easily be mistaken for human. To see it in person is more intriguing than the puctures.

    • It could be an inverted synapsid footprint. Where was it found?

    • I found on a river bed near Quesnel BC Canada

    • Synapsid is actually one that came up when I did a reverse image on it. But it’s just not really close enough in my opinion.

    • Do you know the age of the rock you found it in? If it’s too old then it’s not a human footprint

    • From what I could gather it could be anywhere from 10,000 to 2.6 million years. I just couldn’t narrow it down.

    • So it could be human…do you know of any other fossils found in the area?

    • None have been reported all though lots of agate is found in found along that stretch of river. I don’t know enough about this to know if that’s relevant. Also there have been fossil bones found down in the U.S. along the same river. One thing I should have noted is that the rock is very heavy for it’s size. Suggests it’s high in iron..

    • The lips kinda look like a fish

    • I didn’t know people can troll this site! Lol

    • Agate takes 50 million years to form, and are formed in igneous or metamorphic rock. Are there layered cliffs near the river?

    • Yes! I’m just learning about the area. There are pinnacles or hoodoos dating back 12 million years and there was a lot of volcanic activity. Quesnel BC Canada

    • I found an article about 29 human footprints found on Calvert Island. Is that nearby or not?

    • No, it’s in the neighborhood of a 6 hour drive.

    • I really appreciate the interest! I can’t seem to get an answer from the experts. Any idea where I can send the pictures other than the few I’ve tried? I haven’t heard back from the Royal Tyrell in Drumheller. They were my go to people from the start.

    • I wouldn’t know, but you could try local museums and local fossil groups

    • Well, as it turns out, The Royal Tyrell says I have nothing more than an igneous rock with several healed fractures and has undergone selective erosion…🤔

    • That’s fine, you’re still finding your “footing” with fossils

    • I am, but I’m also a very smart and intuitive person. I’ve also learned that even with medical doctors or psychological doctors…PHDs didn’t always get it right. In fact, I got 2 more responses from Museums today that told a different story! They are excited to follow up and wouldn’t dare give it a cut and dried conclusion like that. I forgot that Tyrell is a T-Rex pioneer!! Lol I might have bored them! Can you honestly believe that my specimen shows selective erosion? I’m not buying it. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Sometimes erosion can looks exactly like fossils, but sometimes experts can be wrong too. I wouldn’t be able to say for sure, so you could ask some more people about it. Just keep in mind that just like they might be wrong about saying it’s erosion they might be wrong by saying it’s a fossil too.

    • Oh no question. I’m familiar with pseudo fossils but I’d hate to give up until it’s a general consensus from a few different authorities and I’ll have it looked at in person. Otherwise still a cool rock! Lol

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