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    Jack Kallmeyer is looking for oral presentation submissions for his session at NAPC on amateur-professional connections. If FOSSIL is funding your trip and you aren’t sure what else to present on, please consider his session. This can simply be a talk about how amateur paleontologists have enriched your research in some regard – collecting, loaning specimens, helping ID, etc.

    Please let me know if this interests you, so I can relay it to Jack.

    cc @jeanette-pirlo@vperez (?) @michael-ziegler @imagallanes (?)

    • I could totally give a talk about this with museum and Haile 7G ‘Tapir Challenge’ fossil dig participants, but I’m doubting I can make it to NAPC =/ If anyone wants to focus on Montbrook amateurs I can provide a ton of images!

      • I can as i will already be there!

        • This sounds great! Let me know if you need help with the abstract – deadline is March 1 and I think they are free to submit. I’ll tell Jack so he doesn’t worry so much =]

        • This sounds great! Let me know if you need help with the abstract – due March 1, should be free to submit. I’ll let Jack know so he can stop worrying!

    • I can certainly give a talk in Jack’s session. I would probably choose a few examples of amateur/professional collaborations and then discuss strategies/tips for creating these partnerships, with an emphasis on using the myFossil platform.

      • That sounds like a fantastic idea. I can help with the abstract if you need/want it! I’ll relay to Jack the interest. Thanks!