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    Hello All,

    We are about a month away from the second leg of our GABI experience! To prepare for our trip to New Mexico from July 10-20, we will be hosting an introductory webinar on June 28th, at 7pm Eastern time.  Please confirm with me if you can or cannot attend by tomorrow, Friday, June 8th, 8pm Eastern time.

    I’ve included a working agenda for the upcoming webinar:

    GABI-RET Cohort 6 – The North American Connection

    New Mexico Webinar Working Agenda

    Thursday 28 June 2018 7 to 8 pm Eastern time via Adobe Connect

    Link to Adobe Connect Room:

    1. Welcome Back (5 minutes)-Lead by Bruce
      1. Overview of Webinar
        1. Research Objectives
        2. Travel Logistics
    • Trip Agenda
    1. Lesson Planning and Dissemination
    2. Questions
    1. Research Objectives (10 minutes) – Lead by Isaac
      1. Masters Research
    • Travel Logistics (10 minutes) – Lead by Jeanette
      1. Flights
      2. Car Rentals
      3. Directions
      4. Meal Planning
      5. Returning Home
    1. Trip agenda (10 minutes) – Lead by Bruce
      1. July 10-Arrival
      2. July 11-18-Field Work
      3. July 19-Albuquerque
      4. July 20-Departure
    2. Localities (10 minutes) – Lead by Gary and Scott
      1. Field work localities and background
    3. Lesson Planning and Dissemination (10 minutes) – Lead by Bruce and Jeanette
      1. Expectations: 1 written, state standards aligned lesson plan based on content learned during Montbrook and/or New Mexico trip
      2. Work Time: Lesson planning time will be built in to your time in New Mexico. Will have content experts to help with the science component
      3. Due: Lesson plans are due by September 1st, 2018, and should be validated through classroom use. Validated lessons must be turned in by June 30th, 2019.
      4. Cohort Wrap-up
    • Questions (5 minutes) – Lead by Bruce, Gary, Scott, Jeanette, and Isaac
    • See you in July!

    The link for the webinar is:

    I look forward to hearing from everyone!