Educational Outreach Materials

These resources have been created by fossil clubs across the U.S. for outreach purposes.  Before using any of these resources, please contact the indicated point-person for permission.

Want to see your club’s materials on this page?  Just contact the myFOSSIL webmaster @egardner!


Contributions by the Paleontological Society of Austin:

Point-person: Mike Smith, @msmith

These 2’x3′ posters are shareable under the Creative Commons BY-SA license (i.e., attribution must be given and any derived use must be share-alike).

  1. Mesozoic Oceans: PosterOverviewFinalNew
  2. Plesiosaurs: PosterPlesiosaurFinalLightNew
  3. Mosasaurs: PosterMosasaurFinalLightNew
  4. Ichthyosaurs: PosterIchthyosaurFinalLightNew

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