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Claudia Grant


@taorminalepore  @bmacfadden

Julie, great to know you guys are using the resources we have uploaded to MorphoSource! Yes, please let us know of student’s impressions and classroom outcomes. Regarding lines, that could be due to many reasons. It has happened to me once or twice. The first time, it coincided with my roll of filament running out of filament and it just printed weird (with lines). The other reason could be due to someone accidentally bumping into the table where the printer is located; that can cause misalignment. Another reason could be changes in room temperature. The extruder needs a certain temperature to melt the plastic properly and sometimes changes in room temperature can cause issues when printing. I recommend to use a soft sand paper and try to smooth out the front and the back. I would avoid smoothing out the sides of the teeth because that can be a good lesson relating to serration. The lines, in this case, are not related to scanning; these teeth were all scanned at high resolution with a CT scanner and we have printed all of them before. They all print beautifully. I hope that helps–