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    David Powers

    I have this block of Limestone. I found it while fly-fishing. I believe it is from the lodgepole member of the Madison Limestone group. Mississippian in aged. This block has a number of brachiopods, Crinoids, and few bryozoans.   At first I thought they were part of the crinoids. I no longer believe that. I am wondering what the mesh things are.

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    Jack Kallmeyer

    @david-powers  Your mesh objects are bryozoan fronds.  Possibly from the genus Archimedes.  I’m not familiar with this particular formation but in the Mississippian of Indiana they would be from Archimedes most likely.


    David Powers

    Hi Jack Kallmeyer,

    Thank you for the lead. I’m looking  Archimedes now. It looks like a good match to the mesh and some other elements on this block.




    @DavidPowers It looks like you’ve also got the remnants of a flexible crinoid near your measure. It’s more than likely of the genus Taxocrinus.

    David Powers

    Thank you JessCost for your help idenitifying the Crinoid.

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