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    Cathy Young

    Last month during a DVPS (Delaware Valley Paleontological Society) Meeting, DVPS member Lance Schnatterly did a live stream directly from his iPhone via the DVPS Facebook page which automatically announces the stream to our Facebook audience and creates a Facebook post after the streaming has ended for people to view the video at a later time.  There are many other ways to live stream, as well, like Periscope.

    Beginning our November DVPS Meeting, I plan to ask our monthly speakers (paleontologists, grad students and amateur paleontologists) for their permission for us to live stream their talks during our meetings.  Then our members who can not attend our meetings will still be able to see our monthly presentations.  We have over 240 members, but typically only about 15 – 30 attend meetings.  And, anyone interested in seeing the presentations could see it on our DVPS Facebook page.

    Do any other fossil clubs do live streaming now?  Is this something that other fossil clubs would be interested in doing?  It might be interesting for clubs to have a standard process (such as suggested formats and streaming methods, archiving, getting permission from participants, etc.) and sharing videos.

    Lisa Lundgren

    @joyce-drakeford, I know Aurora Friends meets fairly rarely, but I wonder if this is something you would be interested in.

    Maybe @spassmore would find this strategy interesting for WIPS, too.

    , is this something FUMMP would want to do?

    David Clark

    Hi Lisa,

    The Friends don’t have as many presentations or speakers as I’d like. Our meetings are also in the old museum with some “technology” limitations. We plan to move our meetings to the new collections center early next year and I hope we’ll get more speakers. The FossilProject did sponsor Dr. Kidwell to speak to our group. Other than that, we typically only get 1 or 2 other formal presentations a year. I will certainly let you know if we start to get more speakers where live streaming could be an option.



    Eleanor Gardner

    This is a very interesting concept, @cathy-young!  Do you know how many people have viewed that livestream video on the DVPS Facebook page?

    – Have the Dry Dredgers ever done anything like this?  Would there be interest?

    – What about at Southwest Florida Fossil Society?  Perhaps a way to reach more members?

    Jack Kallmeyer

    @egardner, @cathy-young,  @david-clark, @cferrara The Dry Dredgers has not done live streaming.  We do “tape” our speakers with permission.  Years ago, back in the day of 10 minute limits on videos, our education chair put the talks on YouTube in multiple parts.  That all ended when his son sat on his camcorder!  We have another person taping now but no one has taken interest in putting these on-line.  The on-line YouTube thing seemed good but then the talks are available to anyone – good news bad news – so no incentive to join the club.  If the streaming is limited to members that might be a better way to go.  I’d also need some “how to” directions.

    I’m sure you will enjoy my four part presentation on how to collect fossils starting here:    Make sure to hang in there for the underwear discussion!


    Cathy Young

    @egardner – Lance said that there were 206 hits to the posting and 43 actual views of the video.  During the actual live stream, we had maybe 3 or 4 people at any one time watching the event…since it was kind of a last minute thing, he didn’t expect many to join in.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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