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    Kyle Bostick

    So I found this interesting fossil in the Tamiami Formation, in Southwest Florida outside of Sunniland.

    First I found the strange striations on the surface, and used our Geo Dept rock saw to get a better idea of what is is.

    My thoughts are that it might be a bryozoan colony or a sponge fossil of some sort. Let me know if this looks like either. Some say it’s a coral (e.g., @vperez), some say definitely not a coral(e.g., @bostickkw).

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    William Howat

    It doesn’t look like coral to me, either…

    I would lean towards bryzoan or sponge.

    …but invertebrates are my weakest link in identification, so I may be wrong.




    Eleanor Gardner

    @jkallmeyer and @rleder, do either of you have an opinion on this fossil that Kyle Bostick found?

    Jack Kallmeyer

    @bostickkw, @rleder, @egardner  It looks  much like some of the primitive sponges we have in our Ordovician rocks.  I don’t know about modern bryozoans but the Paleozoic ones have very small zoecia.  This seems to have very large openings relatively speaking.  You might research sclerosongia and see what you can discover.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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