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    • Finally figured out how to post multiple photos!!!

    • Greeting @a-trilobite ! I still maintain that this is not a crinoid stem. Honestly, it’s difficult to discern the exact nature your specimen. There are number of reason it causes me to think this is merely just the preservation of a topographical feature in marine sediment like ripple marks. There are others that make me wonder if there are biological features, particularly your second specimen. @nathan-newell and @jbauer may be able to discern its nature better than I can.

    • Top specimen of first pic looks like a Crinoid stem impression, curving around from bottom middle of the rock to the top left. Not sure about the impression on the cracked specimen. If it’s not made from water I would love to know what it is because I have a huge rock that looks very similar. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. I assume they are from water carving it’s way through over time but I would think I would see more of them if that was the case. Just my opinion, not that it’s anywhere close to correct 🤷‍♂️

    • @matthew-gramling @a-trilobite Hi everybody! I’m not sure if these are fossils. I see rocks like this every once in a while and I usually just assume that they’re recently stained from something like mosses or roots growing on the rock, rather than fossils. Maybe I’m wrong, though. 🙂

    • Thank you for your input @nathan-newell !

    • Hi all – interesting finds, @a-trilobite. I think I agree with @nathan-newell on this one – it’s hard to pick out anything that’s definitely biological in these specimens.