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Bronwyn Mayo

Selah, WA



Bronwyn Mayo

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Selah, WA

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Wenas Mammoth Foundation

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A Wenas Columbian Mammoth and Bison Antiquus were discovered in 2005, well above the Missoula Ice Age Flood deposits in Central WA State.  Central Washington University ran summer field school from 2005-2010 and excavated 30% of the mammoth and 20% of the bison.  The Wenas Mammoth Foundation (501 (c)3) non-profit was founded and its mission is to promote, preserve and utilize this site, and it’s natural history to inspire the pursuit of local natural earth science educational opportunities throughout WA State.


My husband Doug, and I own the property where the excavation site is located. We also kept ownership of all fossils with the goal that they will be returned to Selah for display, education and research opportunities.  I am a retired WA State Vocational Teacher.  We formed and volunteer for the Wenas Mammoth Foundation bringing local paleontology to our schools and communities.

Affiliations and Relevant Organizations

Wenas Mammoth Foundation – Founder & President

Central WA University

Retired Vocational CTE Teacher

Paleontolgical Society member 2018

Myfossi member 2018

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