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    Heath Carroll has contributed a new specimen to myFOSSIL!

    • Hi, @heath-carroll – did you take this specimen home with you or is it still out where you found it? It looks kind of like a smushed brachiopod but I’m having some difficulty telling.

    • I think a lot of our fossils have plant life mashed in with them. That is what makes them confusing sometimes. This one I think is plant material.

    • Hm, let’s tag in our plant expert and see if he can weigh in with his knowledge. @mackenzie-smith

    • Hi @heath-carroll. Like @jbauer I’m also having a hard time seeing the specimen in question. I can see the rocks behind it quite nicely. Personally, I am unaware of co-occuring plant and animal material in Iowa. Do you know what formation you are collecting in? There are plenty of marine invertebrates that look like plants though including coral, bryozoans, sponges and even a few echinoderms. Some trace fossils (burrows or tracks) also look like sticks.

    • I jbauer has given me links to look those things up. I will this evening. The area I live in Iowa has the southern most glacieral lake in Iowa and I own some pasture ground that is heaved It is the highest ground for miles and the ground to the. Roth of me is flat as flat gets that wonderful farm ground we are lknown for. The glaciers brought us rock from Canada Minnesota,Illinois, and Wisconsin. Also some of the fossils I have found are in limestone rock in the driveways at our farms. This limestone comes from quarries in north central and eastern Iowa. So we have a lot of different rocks in this part of the state.