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    @adania-flemming has the iDigTRiO shadow schedule been updated for Friday Feb. 1? @rnarducci & @michael-ziegler were asking about it today. I have reserved the conference room for the duration of the event. Scanning activity is w/ @jeanette-pirlo.

    Schedule I have:
    12 noon- Collection tour
    12:20 pm- Scanning activity
    2:00 pm- Career chat with a Post Doc
    2:30 pm- Scanning activity

    • Also, how should we go about the chat/how many students? Should we all do a one on one interaction? Have something prepared to discuss/show or will they probably just have lots of questions?

      • I can’t speak to the number of students, last Adania said they hadn’t gotten a final count yet. I’m fine with whatever seems easiest. I don’t think we need to formally prepare anything. They have a formal panel the following day with grad students (?) so this would be a more informal setting for them to ask more targeted questions. I think it could be beneficial for the students if we have some background on our personal journey – opportunities, successes, failures, roadblocks – but this could naturally come up during the conversation rather than each of us rattling off bits about ourselves.

    • The schedule remains the same as Jen posted. Students are currently signing up for spaces. We hope to have them all signed up by Friday, to allow communication with shadowers. Therefore we will have exact numbers on Friday, if not Monday. Vert Paleo was listed for up to 4 students, hence there will not be more than 4 students in the chat. The chat is meant to be an informal discussion as Jen described, where students will have the opportunity to ask questions about your journey , relevant to their academic paths.