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    Chloe Geddes has contributed specimen mFeM 90705 to myFOSSIL!

    • I’ve never seen anything like this before but it is AWESOME!

    • Honestly, I haven’t either and am still confused 😂😂

    • Looks like a cut out of a tooth in gum, you can see the root and crown. It’s not a tooth, it just looks like one

    • cryptocrystalline quartz in hydrothermal vein… might be a possibility.

    • The ‘top’ is without a doubt a crinoid stem. My original hope was that it was a crinoid piece that had rolled in the mud making a concretion but then it turned out like that. In order for the geopetal to form the outside had to be hard and already there so that it could only fill part way with mud and then because a geode in the upper half. My most current thought it that the geopetal is an urchin that died and a crinoid attached too (or maybe also does and luck just put them together like that?? I don’t think so but maybe!!)

    • Where was it found?

    • No idea, was given to me

    • the 2nd pic is probaly a pic of a piece of crinoid in Cryptocrystalline Quartz in some vein

    • It’s the same rock, I sawed it in half so it’s the outside vs inside view

    • Awesome, great find!