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    What is this a dragon?

    • Looks like silicon I really don’t know

    • Ok well I clearly don’t have silicone at this point I’m convinced y’all won’t let me make new discoveries. If ain’t rocks then it’s silicone lol but whenever someone is ready to be apart of my uncovering of history and changing the methods of science in a way . Let’s build something I hAve so many unidentified things, as such in this post it’s amazing

    • I don’t know what that is, it looks like a fungal infection. Not everything you find is super rare or revolutionary, most scientists never find anything unidentified in their career so it’s not likely you’ve found many

    • @a-trilobite not to be rude but can you please show me a fungus infection that looks like this … again not to rude but you sound like a idiot. Btw let me post some more pics of my “fungal infection / silicone” and please if there are any intelligient people that aren’t one minded please help me identify this creature but again message me a fungus that looks like this sir. And relook at my pics and tell me again it’s a fungus and since everyone seems to write off what is really pictured here let’s get a second opinion. How about Don Johansson per say? I sent him this today and just waiting for him to get back and btw my other discoveries that you people, not all of y’all, but the simple minded ones, all tried calling ROCKS and ect.. my Johansson in fact was impressed and indeed believe it to be something other than a conglomerate rock. Sorry that I see what y’all can’t and that I make discoveries that y’all would die to find but again let’s get a second opinion and once my friend don confirms this I’m gonna delete this account because it seems to just have a bunch of scientists wanna be scientists always trynna discredit me. How about testing it and not jumping to stupid one minded conclusions “well science says those don’t exist” “well even though it has eyes and a mouth, it’s just a fungus” like cmon you guess are the biggest haters and non believers in the world that little old me can find so many undiscovered or rare shit with ease. But again I added more photos so you can better assist this quote on quote silicone and quote on quote fungal infection” I’ll trust donalds opinion over any one of you on here but take a better look my smart guy

    • I cannot wait to see your dragon on display at the Smithsonian

    • @a-trilobite lol maybe or maybe not I’m just gonna see what don thinks if he wants me to send it to his team like the other findings I discovered but definitely gonna need to cash me out but before I get ahead of myself I I’m gonna send it to the king of paleontology himself to test it and I’ll keep you updated don’t worry I love to shut ignorant people up I AM A TRUTH SEER you’ll see thanks again for motivating me to take this shit farther and actually have the proof from tested results

    • @kelanirae-desoto-2 r/iamverysmart

    • also @kelanirae-desoto-2 why are you getting so defensive just because of a thing

    • @iva-jovanovic you’re right I feel like I wanna know what is and people on hear just try to say it’s what I know it’s not like dismiss it and i guess I know I don’t know what it is but when I know it’s not what they say it bothers me but I was getting defensive for no reason and I shouldn’t be bothered what someone’s opinion is and I apologize if I offended anyone this is not my job but lately I just been finding the craziest stuff and fell into studying nature and learning about the truths that are yet to be uncovered I’m passionate about everything I do and I was having a bad day looking like a fool lol

    • Dragons ain’t real bro. it could be a silicon

    • @kelanirae-desoto-2 well i hope you find answers!!